Crane Pro Services

Planned Repairs and Modernisation

Working hand in hand with our Customers Crane Pro strives to maximise the effectiveness of lifting equipment by minimising the risk of unexpected failure and the impact that has on productivity.

We closely monitor the wear state of the equipment under contact and enable the customer to proactively plan for repairs or replacement well in advance of any outage occurring. Our planned maintenance is tailored to the customers workload, pattern of use and environment offering concise information about the current state of their machinery.



Repairs may entail the replacement of either major or minor components vital to the continued safe and efficient use of the crane or hoist and understanding how such an outage during production can affect our customers workflow, Crane Pro offer the option to undertake such work during Saturday or Sunday.

Giving legacy equipment a new lease of life can be as simple replacing a hoist unit, travel drives or control gear. Crane Pro are pleased to offer hoist and drive units from leading manufacturers such as Demag, Misia, Donati, Schneider Electric, Control Techniques, Nidec, Invertek and Flex Radio Systems.

Legacy Hoist gearbox failure

New Gearing made to pattern

If you’d like to ask us a question or would like to discuss our Planned Repairs and Modernisation Solutions for your business, you can get in touch with us by email, by phone or 0121 647 7122.