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In service thorough examination of cranes, hoists, loose lifting tackle and PPE in accordance with LOLER98 Regulation 9 & 10.

On the statute books since the 5th of December 1998 this legislation encompasses all manner of lifting equipment and is closely linked to “PUWER98” and often makes reference to it.

As your service provider, Crane Pro Ltd will always work to ensure that your business is fully compliant with current legislation; leaving you free to do what you do best. Run your business.

With that in mind, Crane Pro will take of scheduling and record keeping to ensure there are no gaps in your cover. We will contact you well in advance of the expiry of your current certification and plan a suitable date and time for our site visit to work hand in hand with you to meet your obligations under the act.

All of our documentation is supplied to you in “Adobe pdf” format via email. Print it or store it electronically, either way it will always be readily available when needed.

For those customers still requiring a hard copy we are more than happy to meet your request.

In addition to planned preventative maintenance (PUWER98 Regulation 5) by a competent person, current legislation requires every business in the UK using lifting gear to undertake a 12 monthly thorough examination of cranes and hoists (6 monthly where man riding), this is to identify problems which could give rise to serious injury or death. In short it’s the equivalent of the MOT on your car and focuses primarily on making sure the equipment is safe to use.

In many instances your insurance provider undertakes this examination as part of their requirement for providing you with cover, however; you are under no obligation to use the insurance provider and Crane Pro Ltd as an independent company can deliver this service at far more competitive rates.

Loose lifting tackle and under the hook attachments are required to be inspected more frequently at 6 monthly intervals. In harsh environments and where loose lifting equipment may be exposed to damage you may wish to implement an inspection schedule better suited to your needs.

Crane Pro Ltd can also offer inspection of “man riding” equipment such as MEWP’s through our business partner S I Limited as part of our service package.